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Services Offered

The Autumn Services Centre offers affordable, community and senior support services specializing in caring and knowledgeable staff and friendly volunteers.


BAH Services Provided

  • Friendly Visiting - Volunteers will provide a maximum of 2 hours of friendly visiting per visit.

  • Grocery Shopping - Volunteers will provide services for seniors by providing grocery shopping/delivery support.

  • Light Housekeeping - A contracted housekeeper will preform up to 2 hours of light housekeeping services.

  • Light Yard Work - A contractor will provide up to 2 hours of leaf raking, lawn mowing, and other agreed upon services per visit.

  • Minor Home Repairs - a contractor will provide up to 2 hours of pre-approved services.

  • Snow Removal - A contractor will provide snow removal for sidewalks and driveways.

  • Transportation - Trained volunteer drivers provide seniors with transportation to their appointments.

North Central Better at Home Program

The North Central BC Better at Home Program helps seniors with simple day to day tasks, thereby helping them maintain their independence and stay connected with their community.

The program offers specific non-medical services to seniors:

  • 65 years old and up (exceptions for those 55 to 60)

  • Area coverage includes Coreyville, Endako, East François Lake, Stellako, Fraser Lake, North Shore, Lejac, Nadleh, and Fort Fraser.

  • Pre-registration is required.

  • Fees for Better at Home services are determined on a sliding scale based on the senior's household income.


TAPS Services Provided

  • One-on-one support for older adults.

  • Support vulnerable older adults by organizing events.

Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors

tables with warming trays - Mayor Storey.jpg

Christmas dinner 2021

The first Christmas dinner hosted in the center


Navigation and Peer Support Program

NPS Services Provided

  • One-on-one support with laptops, cell phones, and iPads.

  • Assistance with downloading documents.

  • Receive and forward emails.

  • Design documents, photocopy, and print photos.

  • Assistance filling documents.

daily suppot

Daily Support

Daily Services provided

  • Print your documents, photos, and tickets.

  • Print resumes and get help with filling work related documents.

  • Design menus, posters, pamphlets, and wedding invitations.

  • Scan important documents to legal teams, realtors, banking institutions, and government agencies.

  • Get assistance with writing a boat license or PAL.

  • Get assistance with application forms.

  • Get tips for ordering from Amazon, Kijiji, or other online stores.

  • Access to public computers.

  • Scanning and emailing.

  • Ricoh professional printers.

  • Colour printing.

  • Photocopies.

  • Free Wi-Fi.


  • Get up and go - Transportation to appointments.

  • Soup and bun - Healthy soup twice a week.

  • Wednesday and Friday soup and bun - join us between 11:30am and 1:00pm.

  • Food share - Weekly food hampers.

  • Friday is foodshare day - pick up your healthy food hampers between 11:00am and 2:00pm.

  • Health checks - Weekly delivery of a healthy meal.

  • UPS Pick-up depot - Parcel pick up at back door.

  • Elder meals - Daily meals prepared and delivered.

  • Join us for daily social opportunities - have a coffee and a visit with friends around the table.

  • Technology assistance with laptops, cellphones, cameras and iPads.

  • Forward and receive emails.

  • Get personal tech support.

The Giving Tree

Executive director E. Storey accepting a check for a community grant from Western Financial. The Different colour of leaves indicate the level of funder.

The Giving Tree.jpg

BC Gaming Program

BC Gaming Services Provided

The BC Gaming Program helps fund the Regional Food Share. The Regional Food Share Program assists families and seniors by supplying them with food hampers of healthy canned goods, fresh vegetables and fruit. we add local garden fresh vegetables when available through donations.

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