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About Us

Your Community & Senior Support Center

Autumn Services - Society for Senior Support became a non-profit society in 2009. Through our determined efforts and collaborative approach, we secured funders to support our dream of opening a Senior Drop-in Centre in 2013. With a need for expansion five years later, we moved into our present space at 111 Chowsunket Street. We built a commercial kitchen, added storage space, several offices, a Zoom room, and left a large open space for community to gather.

Everyone is welcome!

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Our Programs

We offer a variety of programs and services to help seniors with day to day life. Our goal is to help our elders and seniors maintain their independence and stay connected to the Community.

Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Executive Director 

Responsible to the board of directors and able to manage all day-to-day

operations including grant writing, amassing data and filling reports, goal setting, succession planning, responsible for staff management, planning and participating in fund raising and special events. Must fully participate in all obligations from sweeping the floor to taking zoom calls to meeting one-on-one with families for discussions on aging to attending provincial

conferences and advocating for comprehensive wraparound services that better suit rural lifestyles.

Finance Department

Employees are required to have an understanding of the Sage Bookkeeping Program and are capable of keeping track of all financial records including data entry, bank deposits, reporting to CRA, payroll, preparing financial statements for board

meetings and preparing year-end financials.


All Employees must undergo a criminal record check.

Kitchen Staff

Better at Home Program/Therapeutic Activation Program/Elder Meal Program/Summer Market Program/ Soup & Bun Program/Miscellaneous Special Event Catering.

Under guidance of the Kitchen Manager, staff are required to hold a Food Safe Certificate and have knowledge around managing budgets, ordering inventory, planning meals and preparing meals.

Better at Home Coordinator  

Better at Home Program – the program coordinator is responsible for managing the North Central BC Better at Home Program which assists seniors with non-medical day to day tasks that will enable them to maintain their independence and age with confidence in their own community.


Better at Home Program - employees are responsible for up to two hours of housekeeping, laundry services or grocery shopping as per client/program requirements.

Technology Assistance 

Navigation & Peer Support Program (Connect) – employees are responsible for assisting clients with accessing on-line documents, printing from a flash drive, designing and printing posters, business cards, resumes, or offering help with setting up cell phones, assisting with computer programs, or making online enquiries.

Therapeutic Activation Program

TAPS – employees with the program are responsible for assisting vulnerable older adults to be connected through social opportunities and other programs that increase their sense of well being. The purpose of the TAPS program is to collect data that will assist health authorities to determine if and how vulnerability and isolation effect the overall health of aging adults.

Food Share Coordinator 

Provincial Gaming and United Way of Northern BC – employee is responsible for shopping, doing client intakes, recording inventory, storage, making food hampers and personalizing each bag according to client likes and dislikes.


All volunteers must undergo a criminal record check

Volunteers also assist with setting up and calling Bingo, and helping with miscellaneous tasks as called on.

Saud (Sam) Alalwaan


Heather Wijcik


Better at Home Program and/or Therapeutic Activation Program – volunteer drivers are required to have a clean driving abstract and have access to either the Autumn Services van or their own trustworthy vehicle.

Drivers are required to drive clients to pre scheduled medical appointments using the Autumn Services van whenever possible, using their own personal vehicle only if the van is already booked. Drivers also deliver Soup & bun twice a week providing Health Checks as well as delivering senior meals and picking up grocery orders as required.

Board of Directors

(2022 - 2023)

The Board of Directors meet every Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm at Autumn Services Centre. The board members are instrumental in planning and implementation of programsustainability and volunteering at events.

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